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Works with Kodi, VLC, MAGs, Dreamlink, Avovs, Roku, Androids and More!


Biggest IPTV Service

We are the Biggest Reseller of NFPS/66 IPTV in the Market, we offer the lowest price guaranteed, all this while giving our users the #1 Customer Support through Forums and Email, We Deliver +1000 Channels most of them in HD, The Latest and New Movies along with all the good classics, all this while providing a Flawless IPTV Service with NO Freezing and 99,9 uptime.

IPTV Support and Delivery

We work with all Major Devices including Kodi/XBMC, VLC Player, M3U Playlist, Simple IPTV, MAG254 and all other models, All Dreamlink Boxes, Enigma, Avov IPTVs, Roku, Fire TV Stick, Androids, Smart TVS, Almost all devices work with our IPTV Service, all this while offering the lowest price and fastest delivery, in less than 12 Hours from purchase.

Supported Devices

We work with IPTV Kodi/XBMC, IPTV MAG250/MAG254 and all other models, AVOVs, Dreamlinks, VLC Player, Android, Roku, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Simple IPTV, Windows, all of them.


WE are giving all our customers the ability to use both IPTV and IKS at the same time, its the perfect mix incase you haven't upgraded to the latest technology yet!!

Payment Gateway

We Offer the best Payment Gateway located Offshore, Your information will never be disclosed to any third parties or government, there is no need for a VPN, or prepaid card, you can use your personal credit card VISA or Mastercard, and You'll be TOTALLY Protected.

IPTV is based on all this principles:

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Latest PPV Movies

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